Vojtech "Coach V" Firla

Vojtech "Coach V" Firla



About Coach

Hey there, I'm Coach V! Sports and fitness have always been my passion. I studied Human Physiology & Exercise Science and earned both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Since I was a kid, I've been into everything sports-related – Karate, Soccer, Rugby, Swimming – you name it, I've tried it!

Turning Point

But here's a fun fact: I used to be a whopping 340lbs and looked like Peter from Family Guy! Can you believe it? Thankfully, I decided to make a change and got into bodybuilding. In just one year, I shed an incredible 135 lbs and transformed my life. During my college days, I played college football at Saint Francis University. First, I rocked it as a Fullback and later switched to being a Linebacker. After that, I decided to share my knowledge and passion by becoming a coach. I've dabbled in Strength & Conditioning for various sports like Football, Soccer, Swimming, Basketball, and Golf.

Motivation & Passion

Then, in 2014, I stumbled upon Crossfit, and man, was it love at first sight! I couldn't get enough of it. I've competed several times (back when I had abs – don't worry, they'll make a comeback!), and I also became a Crossfit coach. I lead classes, teach Olympic Weightlifting, and do loads of Personal Training. My journey has been a rollercoaster, with ups and downs, but it's taught me so much about resilience and determination. Now, my mission is to spread my love for fitness and help others achieve their health and athletic goals. Let's get moving and crush those workouts together!

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