Sabrina Bollenberg

Trainer Bio

In April of 2013 I walked into CrossFit Incite’s doors for my week trial. Having never “stuck” with an exercise program previously, I imagined my introduction to CrossFit would be the same, just an introduction and never anything more. Thankfully, I couldn’t be more wrong. In one weeks time I knew I found something amazing, something that had been missing from my life, I found ME. CrossFit brought out a passion I never realized I had before, the people, the energy, the support, the workouts, the drive, and the all around happiness that embodies CrossFit. Walking into those doors everyday and seeing people who quickly became amazing friends, pushing yourself to the limit, achieving physical and mental goals that you never dreamed possible, how could you not fall in love with the sport? When the opportunity presented itself to become a coach, I immediately hopped on board. The only thing greater than finding this passion in myself, is being able to help others find it. Being a part of helping others achieve what they never thought possible is the most amazing part of this all.