McDavid Dobson

Level 1 Trainer, Self-Defense and CrossFit Kids
Trainer Bio
  • NRA Certified Home Firearms Safety Trainer
  • Basic Pistol ¬†Certified Trainer
  • Personal Protection in the Home Instructor

McDavid is a co-owner of Maximum Defense. He is a Personal Defense Readiness Coach, he provides reality based self defense classes for all ages. McDavid has years of experience in personal defense as well as backgrounds in boxing, grappling, and Israeli and American Personal Training. He will not only make sure that you are ready for any physical altercations that may arise from defending yourself, but he will also insure that you are emotionally and psychologically prepared as well. There are many ramifications if defensive training is not properly used. Students will have to understand that there is a moral, ethical, and sometimes legal obligation that will have to be considered at the onset of every confrontation.