Laura Haught

Trainer Bio

I started teaching a combination of yoga and pilates ten years ago in Tucson. I had been taking classes for a year and I loved how it helped the pain in my shoulders and my back after having a baby so I decided to teach! I taught at several different gyms. I was a runner and I also took classes at the gyms I taught at.
After my second baby I decided to give crossfit a try. A couple weeks in and I was hooked. I was offered to instruct at a brand new gym at the same time I was trying crossift and I turned it down because I knew I would want to do crossfit as my everyday workout rather than having the free gym membership.
It’s been three years at Crossfit Incite and I don’t miss my gym memberships at all! I love crossfit and I believe every crossfitter needs yoga. It’s so important to work on flexibility, strength, balance while centering your mind a body. You will leave my class feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

Personal Training