Cory Gerard

Competition Coach
Trainer Bio

Coach Cory began CrossFit in 2006 as a way to enhance his fitness level for the rigors encountered each day as a firefighter. Since then he has developed a passion for CrossFit and fitness has become a regular part of his life. Cory has completed 6 marathons, 2 half marathons, several other shorter distance races, and has a background in competitive athletics, including football and track. Cory has a passion for motivating others and finds inspiration in the development and improvement of people, whatever their endeavors are. In addition to coaching CrossFit, Cory is a firefighter here in the valley, teaches at a local community college, and coaches with the San Tan Youth Football League and Desert Ridge Little League. Cory believes the greatest aspect of CrossFit is the community of support that pushes you each day to overcome physical and psychological barriers that are so difficult to take on by yourself. Cory is married with three children and loves to golf, swim, run, and hangout with the Family is his spare time.